The Lee Law Group, established in 2007 was formed to enlarge the scope of legal jurisprudence on the lives of the average person by litigating issues that affect the everyday lives of the average American. Further, Lee Law Group was founded to allow the average person to reach the law topically, by litigating life’s issues, and financially by assisting the average American’s ability to afford legal representation by combating the high costs of legal services and protection.

The ability to afford issue arose because it was one of life’s issues. As Mr. Lee’s began fulfilling his dream of enlarging the scope and reach of legal jurisprudence on the lives of the average person he noticed that many people couldn't afford legal assistance and protection because of its high costs and thereby failed to even listen to issues that had a broad impact on their lives because they felt that due to these prohibitive cost, they had no voice in them.

This created a 'void', or a gap, between the people who needed legal services and those actually being represented. 'Legal Aid' was unable to cover the void financially, and besides it was not equipped to litigate issues of the type and scope that affected the everyday lives of the average American.

Therefore, Mr. Lee co-dedicated Lee Law Group to making the law affordable, just as he had already dedicated his life to increasing the law’s scope. Yes, as he had done with the scope of the law, he now declared he do the same as to the reach of the law.


Ernest Lee, Sr. / Founder
Born in Ft. Bragg, North Carolina. He was raised in the military, an Army Kid until his father retired from the U.S. Military and relocated to St. Louis, Missouri. A bright youth he graduated from high school at the age of 16. He then attended the University of Missouri at St. Louis where he majored in Mass Media –Communications/ Communications Theory.

Upon his graduation with a Bachelor’s of Arts degree he attended Law School at the University of Missouri in Kansas City, where he graduated in 2 years.

Upon his graduation from law school he relocated to Southern (San Diego) California where he didn’t know a soul. However, his innate confidence allowed him to not only get on but also thrive in this new area. Upon his passing the California Bar Examination (a feat accomplished at his first sitting for this exam), he was sworn in, a new attorney, and member of the California Bar.

He worked for several law firms, learning what he felt was needed from each, until he felt he was ready to commence his life’s work, to start a new type of law firm that would be equipped to carve out a new type of jurisprudential representation.

This is his mission, his exciting charge he is now in the midst of proclaiming.

Personal Attention. Straight Forward Communication.

At the Lee Law Group, we give you the confidence of knowing what to expect during a stressful, uncertain time.

You'll get the benefit of our years of invaluable legal expertise—but more importantly, you'll get our time..

A wonderful turpis.