California DUI School Classes


California DUI Program Basics:

Everyone convicted of a "wet reckless" or DUI in California must enroll in DUI school within 21 days of sentencing. DUI program providers must be licensed by the State of California. Licensed providers conduct only in-person programs because DUI classes offered via the internet do not meet California's DUI Program requirements.

There are nearly 500 licensed DUI programs in California, administered by over 250 service providers. In California, these classes are licensed by the Department of Health Care Services. Check here for a directory of available licensed program providers in California. Most programs will not allow you to enroll unless you have an order from the court or a license suspension notice from the DMV.

Successful completion of a DUI program is usually also a requirement of any probation and, or a term of your sentence. Therefore, it is important to complete your class requirement to put the DUI behind you and gain closure. If you do not complete a court-ordered DUI school, the DMV will revoke your restricted license, or is applicable your prior license suspension or revocation will be reinstated. This can lead to a probation violation, a new driving on a suspended license charge and, or causing you to be sentenced to jail.

Therefore, it is very important for you to successfully complete any court assigned DUI school program.

Types of DUI Classes in California

Licensed providers offer three basic types of California DUI programs:

1. Wet reckless program

You cannot be arrested for a "wet reckless.” A wet reckless is a lesser offense than DUI that is sometimes accepted as a plea bargain. If you plead to a wet reckless – that is reckless driving with a measurable amount of alcohol in your blood -- you must complete a 12-hour program.

2. First-time DUI offender program

Most first-time DUI offenders with a BAC of under 0.20 must complete a three-month / 30-hour DUI program. This program consists of counseling and alcohol/drug education. On occasion, the judge will determine that a longer program is warranted. In such a case, you may be ordered to complete a 6 or 9 month first-offender program. And first offenders with a blood alcohol concentration of 0.20 or higher must complete a nine-month, 60-hour program.

3. 18-month or 30-month multiple offender program

Repeat DUI offenders must generally complete an 18-month program. However, in a few California counties – including Los Angeles -- a 30-month program is available. The judge may order you into this 30-month program if your second DUI involved a very high BAC, or this is your third or later DUI offense. Multiple offender programs include community reentry monitoring along with one-on-one interviews and alcohol and drug education.

What is the Cost to Attend DUI School?

Costs for the same program can vary by both provider and location. It can be worthwhile to contact several licensed providers. In general, however, costs range from as little as around $200 for a 12-hour program, to almost $3,000 for an 18-month program.

Financial Assistance If you are unable to afford your court-ordered program, financial relief may be available. You cannot be denied participation in a DUI program based solely on your inability to pay.

You will need to provide documentation of your income so that some or all of the fees can be waived. In cases of extreme financial hardship, you will pay no more than $5 month.


How do I Get to Classes if my California Driver's License was Suspended?

First-time offenders may be eligible for a restricted driver's license. This restricted license allows you to drive to and from work and DUI classes. In order to get this restricted license, you will need to present the DMV proof of financial responsibility and your enrollment in a DUI program.


Attendance in California DUI School Classes

You must complete the required number of 'hours' to complete your DUI School program and thus attendance is important. Each program allows you to miss a certain number of classes, as long as you make them up. You will be expelled from the program; however, if (i) you miss more than the permitted number of classes, (ii) you attend classes while you under the influence of drugs or alcohol, or (iii) you disrupt the classes for your fellow students due to bad behavior.

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