Unlawful Detainers Plain and Simple:

The Lee Law Group is primarily a consumer protection –consumer rights firm. That is why we primarily practice in the areas of protecting the plaintiff in personal injury-property damage-product liability cases; or protecting the employee in the area of employment rights; or protecting the consumer rights; and defending the individual charged with a criminal offense.

In all these practice areas the common thread is that we help the “little guy”, the underdog, when he is in an uphill battle against the “big guy”.

Whether it is an injured woman suing the merchant that caused her to slip and fall, which usually boils down to her against the store’ insurance company, the worker against the industrial employer, the young father whose 4-wheel drive SUV purchased from a big car dealer is in fact a 2-wheel drive lemon, or the poor guy charged with a crime who must battle the state or the ultimate big guy, “Big Brother himself, the United States of America, it is Lee Law Group helping the normal person, always against the odds. This David and Goliath complex is who we are.

So you may ask, why we are entering the arena of representing the big-bad landlord against the tenant. That’s easy. It’s because recently, while representing a tenant in a property damages case where the tenant was evicted, I discovered the fee that the other side, a well-known unlawful detainer firm, charged for doing unlawful detainers. I felt it was way too much. You see, I, as the principal of Lee Law Group once assisted a family member who owned property by evicting a malfeasant tenant from her property and I know what it takes to prosecute an unlawful detainer case from beginning to end.

Our Plain and Simple Pledge

Therefore, I make the following pledge to you, plain and simple: The Lee Law Group will perform your unlawful detainer legal representation for 40% less than you are currently paying, and we will do as good or a better job. If we fail to do as good or a better job, we will refund your fee for the service even if the eviction is successfully completed, and any contract will be rescinded.

Furthermore, we will take on your unlawful detainer legal representation, under the terms of this my pledge to you, with no contract required, other than the retainer agreement required by law for any individual, specific, unlawful detainer case.


Ernest Lee, Sr.


You cannot beat this deal. You have nothing to lose. Try us, and see!!




A wonderful so happy