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Assault and Battery crimes happen more often than most of us would like to admit. However today many people will use the court system as a tool to harm people as well. There have been many people accused of an assault and battery crime that the accuser was just making up a story to get revenge. Sometimes cops do not know who to believe and just arrest one of the people involved in an argument and often many times gets it wrong.

As a prominent San Diego criminal defense lawyer firm; we are committed to making sure our clients get the best legal representation. We will discuss the case and your options to put together a strong legal argument. We will hire investigators if needed to gather more evidence that will hopefully aid in your defense.

If convicted this will a life altering situation. Not only will there possibly be jail time but the stigma of being a convict. Make sure you choose the right legal team and give us a call today to have an introductory conversation. 619-795-0991

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