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With the never-ending introduction of new businesses and products, it is difficult to measure a business’s trustworthiness and safety. It seems the marketplace is more interested in generating sales and profits rather than verifying their products are safe for consumers. In California especially, there are many situations where false advertising, product liability, and unfair business practices harm individuals, resulting in injuries, hospitalization, and an unexpected loss of money.

Why do I Need a Consumer Protection Attorney?

As a business, the entity is responsible for providing safe products through honest and fair practices. If you have been hurt through false advertising, a faulty product, or other unfair business activity, you deserve compensation for the obstacles you’ve had to face. In addition to experiencing pain and suffering, you may have medical bills and missed time from work. This is why you need a San Diego consumer protection attorney.

San Diego False Advertising Attorneys

As your false advertising lawyer, Lee Law Group will research your situation, the falsely advertised product or service, and the misleading company. We will fight for you and help you get compensation for the unexpected situations you were faced with. California law requires that the plaintiff explain and show how they were misled by the company’s advertising. They must also show how in result, they suffered an injury.

San Diego false advertising cases often involve deceptive pricing, such as false price reductions, false pricing ads, and fake free offers. If you believe your consumer rights have been violated, call Ernest Lee and his team of California false advertising lawyers.

California’s 5 Star Rated Product Liability Lawyer

There are many products that are pushed into the marketplace without proper testing. A faulty product can harm consumers through burns, cuts, or by creating property damage like a building fire. The Lee Law Group will advise you whether to claim “defective design,” “manufacturing defect,” or “lack of adequate warnings or instructions” for your product liability case. In addition, Ernest Lee and his attorneys will make sure you meet the two-year limit for product injury and the three-year limit for products that caused property damage.

Due to California’s pure comparative fault standard, you may qualify for repayment from the product’s manufacturer if the accident was partially your fault. If you’ve been injured from a product, let the 5 star rated San Diego attorneys help you get compensation.

What to do if You’ve Witnessed Unfair Business Practices

Unfair and unlawful business practices happen every day. With California’s many businesses located in San Diego, this unfortunate situation occurs more often than we would like to think. Examples of deceptive behavior you may have seen in the marketplace include businesses not following through with their promise to refund customers or any other activity that violates consumer rights.

The California Unfair Competition Law (UCL) and other consumer protection were made to protect consumer rights. If you feel you have witnessed an unfair business practice, you have the right to file a lawsuit.

As San Diego’s 5 Star Rated Consumer Protection Attorney, the Lee Law Group will make sure you receive compensation for the harm you have faced from the marketplace, business, or product. We work with cases including false advertising, product liability, unfair business practices, along with other cases as well. Call today to get started. 619-795-0991

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