DUI: Driving Under The Influence

If you or a friend have been charged with a DUI, let Ernest Lee Law Offices help. As San Diego’s 5 star rated DUI Lawyer, we understand your situation and know how to help you get the justice you deserve. We have been helping San Diego, California residents for over ten years and are proud of our highly experienced attorneys.

When you first receive your DUI citation, you may think your case is hopeless. However, there are many reasons a breathalyzer or blood testing can read wrong. A good attorney knows how to take advantage of these opportunities and will help you win your case. Reasons these DUI tests read incorrectly include:

  • Medical Conditions
  • Substances or Chemicals in the Air
  • Substances or Chemicals in or on You

Our 5 star rated DUI services will create an excellent DUI defense for your specific case. In our attempts to best serve you, our attorneys at Ernest Lee Law may:

  • Visit your arrest location under a similar situation you were stopped
  • Research the arresting officers’ training and experience to look for problems and mistakes in the past
  • Reanalyze blood samples to ensure they were read correctly
  • Study the maintenance history of the breathalyzer the police used during your arrest to make sure it was working properly
  • Determine if there were other factors such as a medical condition or other chemicals in the area that may have generated a falsely high BAC reading.

The lawyers at Earnest Lee Law understand how a DUI charge can affect your future. Let us protect and help you in the courtroom so you can keep your driving privileges and lower your fines. A DUI charge in California is hard to fight, but with a San Diego DUI Lawyer you can win.

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