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Felonies in California are extremely serious. If you are charged with a felony in San Diego or other parts of California, you can expect over sixteen months in state prison, along with other charges. A felony is a crime deemed more dangerous, and thus receives harsher punishments. Like other charges, a felony case usually starts in a lower court, however, ends up in a Superior Court.

What is a felony in California?

Most felonies in California include rape, burglary, murder, arson, and other related crimes. Misdemeanors are all other charges except infractions. Sometimes a misdemeanor can be elevated to a felony, and is noted as a “wobbler”. These activities include vandalism, fraud, battery, hit and run, DUI, and many others. It’s important to know if your charge is considered a misdemeanor or felony.

Sometimes misdemeanors won’t affect finding a job in the future, but a having a San Diego felony on your record will make your life after prison very complicated. You will face various punishments based on your crime, but most likely will experience enormous fines, public works service, probation, driver’s license suspension, and recovery classes or programs related to your crime in addition to years in prison.

California’s Three Strikes Law

California is very strict in its legal system. The Three Strikes Law requires repeat felony offenders to receive increasingly elevated penalties. A second offense punishes you to double the amount of prison time, and a third felony offense enables an automatic 25 year prison sentence without the option of parole. It is very important you obtain legal help to reduce or lower your felony to a misdemeanor to better protect your future.

What to do after charged with a San Diego Felony

You should find a professional and experienced San Diego felony defense attorney as soon as you can after you are first charged. Hiring a knowledgeable legal professional in advance will allow more time and research for your case. The attorneys at Lee Law Group have over 10 years of experience solving various felony defense cases. It is our job to work our schedules around yours and make sure you get the justice you deserve. We understand accidents happen and that a felony charge will affect the rest of you and your family’s lives. Let us help today. Call for a free consultation. 619.795.0991

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