Do I Really Need A DUI Lawyer?

Receiving a DUI charge in California is extremely hard to fight alone. Although you can try, your chances of winning a case without a DUI lawyer are very low.

DUI Lawyers are knowledgeable and experienced. There are many ways your breathalyzer or blood test could have read a higher BAC level than usual. Ernest Lee’s attorneys have helped win hundreds of cases since our start in 2007. We have most likely helped someone with the same DUI situation you are facing, and we would love to help you win your case.

Our San Diego law office encourages you to find a DUI lawyer as soon as possible to eliminate or lower your charges effectively. There are many steps involved with a DUI arrest, and we want to make sure you complete them correctly and in a timely manner. Missing one important step could result in losing your DUI case, and could change your life forever.

Having a DUI in California is serious. DUI charges can result in losing your driver’s license, paying high fines, and jail time. In addition, you could lose your job and will have trouble finding a job in the future. Get your life back by using a San Diego DUI lawyer.

A DUI charge in California will usually initiate a long process starting with a DUI arrest, requesting a hearing from the DMV, trying to fight a license suspension, followed by DUI court proceedings. This process can take several months. Hiring a DUI lawyer as soon as you can will shorten this process. Ernest Lee Law Offices can provide attorneys to attend your DMV hearing and help your case work in your favor.

In addition, our DUI lawyers will assist you in avoiding conviction of DUI and Driving with Excessive BAC, Vehicle Codes 23152(a) and (b) during your court proceedings. Having a DUI lawyer with you every step of the way allows us to learn more about your case and help you increase your chances of fighting your DUI charge.

If you want to win your case, you do really need a DUI lawyer. Call today. 619-795-0991

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