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Prescription Drug addiction and abuse is on the rise. For decades, the pharmaceutical companies have produced drugs that have been more addictive then the so-called street drugs. Today we have what some call an epidemic and law enforcement is now trying to curb their use by cracking down on individuals. In a way, our government and their partnerships with the drug companies and appeasing doctors are the main culprits but instead they target regular citizens for incarceration.
The charges range from illegal possession of narcotics drugs, to driving under the influence of a prescription drug, to distribution and fraud dealing with obtaining prescription drugs.

It is highly important that you obtain counsel of an San Diego prescription drug lawyer immediately. Being caught with just one or two pills that were not subscribed can have very serious consequences. You could lose your driver license, right to own a gun, your right to vote and not to mention have a criminal record. Hiring an experienced California drug lawyer is imperative.

Our firm takes pride in providing the best criminal defense possible. We may take actions such as entering a first offender status plea or pre-trial diversion. No matter what we will be prepared to argue for the best possible outcome in your case.

Can I be Arrested If My Pills Are Not in The Original Bottle:

Yes. Law enforcement can and will arrest a person if they are found to have pills in an unmarked container. Many people that takes several medicines daily will use a container with 7 slots. Often this practical and recommended method lands people in the cross hair of law enforcement. In this scenario, you have to prove you did in fact have a prescription for the drugs confiscated.

What if I do Not Have a Prescription:

This is where thing gets dicey. The court can convict you depending on the type of drug (or drugs) and amount of the drug as a misdemeanor or felony. Normally in these types of cases, prescription fraud has been committed to either obtain or to provide the pharmaceutical drugs. There are many ways law enforcement could bring charges.

What Do I do?

By visiting our website, you have already taken the first step. Second, call us and we will discuss your case and do a free consultation. If you decide to hire us, our rates are very reasonable in comparison to other San Diego attorneys. Next, we will go to work to find the best legal arguments and motions that may lead to the dismissal of the case or lowering the charges. We have earned a 5 Star rating on reviews from our past clients. This is done by hard work and delivering on promises. Your legal edge is just a call away!

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