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The implications of domestic violence laws in California are wide-ranging, often extending far beyond the simplistic understanding of violent or aggressive conduct within the home. While the law explicitly criminalizes actions like assault, battery, and making criminal threats against a partner or spouse, the public may be unaware that these laws sometimes ensnare innocent individuals. Our seasoned criminal defense attorneys understand that situations can be complicated — whether the police have misconstrued an accident as domestic battery, or the accused was acting in self-defense during a mutual altercation.

What To Expect When Charged With Domestic Violence

The sentences under California domestic violence laws can vary based on the gravity of the injuries inflicted, if any, and the defendant’s prior criminal history. A domestic violence conviction in San Diego, if mishandled, can result in lasting repercussions such as permanent criminal records and potentially devastating impacts on future employment prospects and state licensing eligibility.

Prosecutors often advocate for stringent punishments for those convicted of domestic violence offenses, including a jail sentence or probation. Furthermore, a standard requirement is that defendants attend a 52-week domestic violence offender course. These punitive measures can leave a lasting stain on one’s record and can even affect future opportunities.

Why You Need a California Criminal Defense Lawyer

If you or a loved one faces the serious implications of a domestic violence charge in California, time is of the essence. Proactive legal defense can be the deciding factor in the trajectory of your case. Retaining the services of our specialized domestic violence lawyers early in the process can be the key to a successful defense.

The Lee Law Group offers comprehensive guidance on penalties for domestic violence offenses, ensuring that you receive the high-quality legal representation you deserve.  We devote meticulous attention to investigating facts, gathering evidence, and presenting your narrative authentically and convincingly in court — before prosecutors, judges, and juries. Contact us today for a consultation.

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