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Founded in 2007, The Lee Law Group formed to fill the void between the best legal representation available and the outrageous costs of legal representation. And with many successful verdicts, Lee Law Group is the premier San Diego Personal Injury firm.

We are known for treating our clients with respect, dignity. When you retain Lee Law Group as your personal injury firm, you are not just a number. We understanding the pressure of medical bills piling up, with collectors calling 24/7. You should not have to worry about lost wages because of someone else’s recklessness. If you have been hurt in an accident, you should only be concerned about selecting the correct counsel to represent you. Let us handle the aggressive negotiating so you can focus on creating a new life a traumatic injury or case of negligent.

Too often Ernest Lee, Sr., founder of Lee Law Group, saw the need for persons able to litigate issues and the financial ability of the common American. He noticed that many people were unable to provide the protection of capable legal assistance. Lee knew there was a huge problem in the legal community that needed to be addressed. There were people in America who were not afford to defend themselves because of such a high cost. He saw people whose lives were incredibly affected but unable to understand issues that would change their lives.

During schooling, Lee met with and fought against obstacles that would have made other people give up. Thankfully for the state of California and the underserved, this only made him fight harder for what he knew to be right. It created a passion and drive to ensure that he began to alter the system set against those who were less privileged. This drive pushed him day after day to achieve what most deemed impossible while always having his eye set to create a practice to fill the void he saw.

After graduation from law school, Lee worked for several different law firms until he felt confident that his desire to open his own firm to solve this problem would come to fruition. While Lee acknowledges that many in the legal community do not understand his desire to help the average Joe, he knows that he will never stop continuing to fight for his clients. His determination and dedication is unmatched in any legal field. This passion not only motivates him personally, but is what fuels the entire Lee Law Group. Attorneys and staff alike are committed to serve those who have been victims.

Victims of accidents, negligent or fraud are awarded damages on a daily basis for medical bills, lost wages (both current and future), quality of life decrease and emotional pain. You have the right to demand compensation from any person or company that has committed injury to you or your loved ones. Lee Law Group cares for its clients and works tirelessly to providing the most effective counsel possible.

Lee Law Group, since the beginning, has promoted and ensured quality legal representation is available to all people. While personal injury cases are by nature incredibly complex, you need attorneys who know the law and have experience litigating with effective tenacity. Our staff knows that there is no amount of money worth the pain of a personal injury case. However, the ability to provide financial resources from your damages can help to create a new life in which you and your loved ones can gain comfort. When you chose Lee Law Group to represent you in your legal matter, you chose dedication, determination and devotion to your case.

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