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Lee Law Group was founded by Ernest J. Lee Sr., a seasoned and accomplished litigator in the San Diego area. Lee Law Group was established to meet the needs of those who need representation in personal injury claims. This firm also specializes in criminal defense work and consumer protection. Known for handling difficult cases, Mr. Lee strives to provide legal representation at a cost that is affordable to his clients. Hard work and honest representation are what define Lee Law Group.

Ernest Lee was taught loyalty and hard work from an early age. He was born in Ft. Bragg NC the fifth child of CWO Major Lee Jr. and Lucille Lee. Ernest’s father Major was an active duty member in the 82nd Airborne at the time of his birth. At the age of two, the Lee’s moved to Ft. Bliss Texas where Mr. Lee Sr. was transferred after joining the U.S. Army Missile Command there. Lee Sr. retired to St. Louis MO where he purchased a laundromat and dry-cleaning business. Soon Lee Sr. owned a chain of laundromat and dry-cleaning stores in the St. Louis area.

Much of Ernest’s growing up years were spent in the St. Louis area. He attended University City High School and then the University of Missouri at St. Louis. After graduating from college, Mr. Lee went to work for and managed the family laundromat and dry-cleaning business.

After gaining the experience of running the family business, Ernest decided to become an attorney. Ernest was following in the footsteps of his sister, Irene, also an attorney. Ernest attended the University of Missouri at Kansas City School of Law, where he graduated in 1999. Having loved the southern California lifestyle since his youth, Ernest decided to move to California to practice law. Ernest began his practice in January 2003, after being licensed to practice in the state of California in December 2001. He practiced at the law firms of Martorella and Associates and Simpson and Brenner in San Diego before striking out on his own in 2006. Since then he has concentrated on Personal Injury, plaintiff’s practice, criminal defense work and in protecting consumers from misrepresentations and scams in the marketplace.

DUI & Drug Defense Lawyers

With over 10 years of experience, our DUI and drug defense lawyers have perfected a strategy for defending clients charged with a variety of DUI and drug related charges. Our DUI defense attorneys can offer advice on what to say or do when pulled over, what to expect when charged with a DUI, as well as inform you about California DUI laws. It is our job to protect your rights, your future, and your life.

Ernest Lee and his team are also experienced with solving various drug defense cases including marijuana, narcotics, prescription drugs, drug possession, and drug trafficking. We understand a DUI or drug charge on your criminal record can take away your driving privileges, fire you from your job, and prevent jobs in the future. The Lee Law Group makes it our goal to lower or drop your criminal charges, and we will do everything in our power to make sure it happens.

Personal Injury Attorneys

The Lee Law Group has also won various personal injury cases including auto accidents, truck wrecks, product and pharmaceutical liabilities, wrongful death, dog bites, burn injuries, and more. We understand there are many ways San Diego residents are wrongfully hurt. Paying for medical bills, missing time from work, and enduring physical and emotional pain is stressful. Let our personal injury attorneys help you receive compensation from those who injured you.

Affordable Legal Services

Paying for a professional legal service can be expensive, and the attorneys at Lee Law Group understand. This is why we offer prices lower than competitors in addition to great financing options and payment plans. The Lee Law Group strives to offer affordable legal advice with our professional services. Our successful 10+ years of experience have contributed to our 5 star rating from current and past clients. Call today to learn more and get started. 619.795.0991

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