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Your San Diego Attorney

Your San Diego Attorney

Lee Law Group is proud to be a 5 Star Rated law firm by our previous clients. We know that if you are looking to hire legal representation, you need to know that your attorney will make your case a priority and go the extra mile to get the best result possible. We always strive to steadfast in obtaining the results that you want and delivering the responsiveness that you would expect when you have questions. People often call us relentless when fighting for our clients. This is because we always take our cases seriously and know that our work can make the difference in a person’s life.

DUI or Criminal Charges?

Whether you have been charged with a felony or misdemeanor, your going to want a legal team by your side that’s going to fight for you.

Have You Been Injured?

Dealing with an injury is always challenging. Get the legal help you need to get the fair compensation you deserve.

Has a Business Wronged You?

If you are a victim of false advertising or have been burned by a business, take action today and contact us.

Your San Diego Criminal Defense Lawyer

At Lee Law Group P.C., we proudly have been defending the rights of the accused since 2007 and we have handled many types of criminal cases. We passionately defend our clients both in and out of the courtroom. We provide legal representation at an affordable price. We know that facing criminal allegations is stressful and perhaps even overwhelming. Therefore, most say our legal fees are reasonable. Call today and get a quote to handle your case. If necessary, we can arrange financing.

Over the years, we have become the trusted law firm that people turn to for legal help in handling a range of complex criminal cases. This includes felony charges, misdemeanors charges, drug related crimes and theft charges. We ask the right questions and prepare a defensive strategy with an agreed upon goal of getting your case possibly dismissed or charges reduced. If we must go to trial, we will fight hard for your acquittal. We know that our work can be the difference in how life will be for you and your loved ones.

Personal Injury Attorney: San Diego

Dealing with an injury is always challenging. This is especially true if it led to hospitalization, medical bills, and missed wages.  Our San Diego injury attorneys have recovered millions of dollars of compensation for our clients.

You Don’t Pay Unless We Win.

We take your legal compensation seriously. When choosing Lee Law Group, we work diligently on preparing legal arguments, preparing the supporting documents necessary and obtaining good witnesses to help win your case. Remember, if you do not win we do not win.  We only get paid if you get paid.  When you choose us as your California Personal Injury Lawyers, you will know that you Now Have A Legal Edge!

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Client Testimonials

Client Testimonials

I am so happy I found Ernest to be my lawyer. I was convinced that I didn't need one for my case but after talking to him I realized that I would have been going into court blind. His confidence made me believe he new exactly what he's doing, and after court, sure enough he did. It was 100% worth every penny to hire him. And not only did he do, what on paper is his job but he went above and beyond to help me with anything extra that I needed. Made my life a lot easier throughout this whole process!read more
Melanie Menin
Melanie Menin
00:18 23 Aug 17
Ernest is honestly the best lawyers I have ever had. This was my second DUI and my first lawyer wasn't very helpful like Ernest. He just did everything himself without informing me on anything. Ernest; however, would always contact me when there was an update and would tell me to do certain things just to make my charge less. He would constantly check up on me and my progress. He made sure that he could get the best sentence for me and tried his hardest to get my sentence to work with my work schedule to make sure I don't lose my job. I highly recommend any who needs a lawyer to please contact Lee Law Group. They help you out so much! They even took the time to summarize my judgement minute order (which is really confusing to read) in an organized word doc with all the dates I need to complete my items highlighted. Truly amazing! Thank you so much!!!read more
Emily Chau
Emily Chau
21:58 21 Jul 17
Ernest used his contacts and skills to get me out of a fairly sticky situation. He was always available to answer my questions and took care of my legal issues without me having to lift a finger. Well worth his fees.read more
Owen Westman
Owen Westman
03:19 21 Jul 17
I give a 5 star because he did such a great job, help me out till the case was close Very helpful never give up and it is true he knows the law!read more
Itzel Cante
Itzel Cante
13:53 12 Jul 17
Me. Lee was amazing! I needed some help and he jumped right in. I called for help and he starting making calls immediately just off a phone call. He has years of experience and was very knowledgeable. He was able to get me a deal on a 2 count felony charge of domestic violence down to no DV no weapons probation pleas which allowed me to keep my job. I would recommend his services to anyone who is in need! He was understanding of the situation and had no judgment he just genuinely wanted to help.read more
Mathew Martensen
Mathew Martensen
16:52 19 Apr 17


Personal Injury cases must be handled properly from the onset to have a chance of obtaining compensation for injuries. Personal injury accidents are caused by the negligence of another person or company. Most companies have experienced insurance attorneys that are making legal maneuvers from the beginning to better position their clients and to try and limit their liability. These professional liability attorneys get involved immediately after an incident. So, calling us right away will get us involved so we can start requesting evidence before it is destroyed. We will interview witnesses before they started forgetting what they saw.

In the case of a truck wreck, we will ask for the black box and other driving records and we will demand a drug and alcohol test be done immediately. These types of efforts initially will help build the case that instead of just defensive flanking the insurance companies will simply want to settle. But settling may not be the answer. With Lee Law Group you get a partner and a legal edge!

Court Date

If we go to court, we will be prepared. Again, we are in this together and the attorneys at Lee Law Group do not like to lose. Our experienced and highly skilled attorneys know what to say, do and what to present to the court to get the compensation you deserve. Call us today and let’s talk about your case. We always provide a free consultation and case evaluation.

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We are dedicated to filling the legal void in America by helping the average ‘Joe’ afford and thus feel vested in the American legal system.

- Ernest Lee, Sr. Esq

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