Financing Options

financing options san diego

Winning your criminal defense, personal injury, or consumer protection case should be easy and affordable. The lawyers at Lee Law Group understand you may have other responsibilities to pay for and take care of, including your family, school, job, and more. Do not let affording a professional attorney get in the way of winning your case.

Ernest Lee and his team are proud to offer financing options for clients. Our financing from ePay Finance is available for individuals with bruised credit or credit scores as low as 600. You may be eligible for a financing offer up to $40,000 to pay for your attorney fees. Rates start at 5.99% depending on income and credit, and offer terms that extend to 60 months.

As a “soft inquiry,” ePay Finance does not affect your credit score. If you are worried you may not qualify, you can have a friend or family member apply on your behalf. Using this finance option will allow you to pay the rest of your retainer and receive the representation you need for your case.

If you would like more information on the Lee Law Group and how you can pay for your fees, call 619-795-0991.

valeria carranza
23:06 19 May 23
E. Lee helped me through a crisis situation, where I really didn’t know what my best first step would be, but he guided me through it and made sure to communicate with me every step of the way. I appreciated how knowledgeable he was and how he was willing to answer all of my questions and concerns, I would highly recommend him to my family and friendsread more
Alyse Krueger
23:57 30 Mar 23
Ernest Lee helped me through a crisis situation and the results were phenomenal. Both Mr. Lee and his team were very professional and amazing with communication. You are in good hands with him!read more
Delawrance Williams
14:22 16 Jan 23
Extremely helpful! Mr. Lee and his team helped me with a case in 2015, and has continued to help me years later for my professional career goals. I couldn’t thank him enough for his efforts in helping me and I would recommend him to anyone in need of legal counsel!read more
Sandra Alfaro
22:03 12 Dec 22
I'm extremely happy with the service received from Lee Law Group. They made promises they kept and fought for me. I was treated with respect and they always answered my calls and emails. Thank you for helping me out when I was in such a hard situation. I highly recommend them. They always answered my calls and returned my emails. They even assisted me with payment more
Ruben Garcia
20:52 12 Oct 22
Ernest Lee helped me and I know he can help you too. I had never received anything more than a few traffic tickets and after I was arrested for a DUI I didn't know what to do. I read online that it was best to get a lawyer but with all of the different offices I didn't know which to go with. After reaching out to a few it was clear to me that Ernest Lee had the experience to help me out. Always very professional and courteous he was able to reduce my charges and made the whole process worry free for me. I was able to reach back out after my case was resolved for further assistance and he did not hesitate to help me out! I was always able to reach him directly and would recommend him to any family or friend of mine!read more
Danilo Guevarra
09:59 04 Oct 22
Mr. Lee is professional and gets the job done. His price is fair for all the work he does for you and your future. Communication is key and he does that very well. Keeps you informed and updated throughout the case. I would definitely recommend Ernest more
Andrew Nycum
17:37 10 Sep 22
Mr lee is always on his job ive used him on two separate occasions and haven’t had to show up to court once is a big piece of mind knowing I don’t have to worry about going into custodyEveryone of my affairs was taken care of perfectlyread more
Kevin Yu
01:22 20 Jul 22
Mr. Lee and his amazing team are an absolute godsend and needless to say, I most certainly would recommend his excellent services to anyone needing a DUI and Criminal Defense attorney. Mr. Lee and his team went above and beyond to represent me for my case and we're extremely supportive, communicative, committed, and professional throughout entirety of my case. In addition, Mr. Lee and his team were relentless in fighting for the best outcome for my case and it most notably proved that he genuinely cares for all of his clients including myself to the fullest extent. Words cannot describe how thankful and appreciative I am for Mr. Lee and his team for all that they have done for me and continue to do for more
Hamza Alkarady
00:32 20 Jul 22
I don’t do many reviews but this one had to be done for the amount of work Mr. Lee & his team put in. I was charged with a very serious traffic offense. I was extremely worried & not sure what will happen. I luckily found Lee law group and Lee came to the rescue. He helped me since day 1. He always kept me up to date, explained every part of the process clearly, and worked extremely hard to on my case. I’m happy to say I’m more than amazed with the results he was able to pull off. I highly recommend if you truly need an expertise help with the best results out there to call Mr. Lee. Not to mention his affordable fee for the fantastic work he puts in. Thank you Lee. It’s been a pleasure !read more
Bill Malone
20:28 14 Jun 22
Well, I have needed Mr. Lee for a 2nd time - see my review below for details on what happened to me when Mr. Lee represented me the first time.The 2nd time, Mr. Lee very graciously answered several questions I posed to him about a situation that occurred within my family. We had out-of-town relatives here and the 21 year old found himself in trouble with the law.He had a psychotic event and wound up inside someone else's property. We didn't know what to do, however Mr. Lee very graciously told us exactly what would happen in the court system and that was indeed exactly what happened.The story ended well, the young man went back to his home state and was allowed to complete probation there.Mr. Lee did not have to do any of this. it is also true we were getting nowhere with the assigned public defenders--we had no idea what would happen or what to do.The fact that he helped us tells me he is an outstanding person who cares about advocacy and helping people - plus he is very darn competent.I have not needed criminal defense before. I am a corporate officer in a large company - a professional - and could not really afford to have a criminal charge on my record. Mr. Lee is as-advertised: a gung-ho, take-no-prisoners advocate on your behalf. Talk about going the extra mile. This man has constantly amazed me in terms of his price and the services rendered for the price. Went far beyond the scope of work we originally agreed upon. Mr. Lee is an excellent communicator, very knowledgeable, and very aggressive--on your behalf. While I did not enjoy participating in the criminal process, it did turn out OK for me and he was there at every step of the way - fantastic customer service.Mr. Lee is a genuine, stand-up more
Joseph Durso
23:53 09 May 22
Not only is Mr. Ernest Lee an excellent attorney, he is also a Guardian Angel sent down from heaven! He will work hard for you, for your best possible outcome. Thank You again so much Mr. Leeread more
Sheila Evans
11:06 15 Apr 22
Mr. Lee consistently goes above and beyond, and listens to our concerns instead of blowing us off. He understands humans make mistakes, but can improve their lives more
Clint Pittmann
23:39 25 Feb 22
I would recommend Mr. Ernest Lee to my closest friends. If you are looking for a lawyer that knows the law and actually cares look no further, Mr. Lee is the man! I couldn't have done it without him. I am very satisfied with the results.Thank you so much Ernest!!read more
Dianna lounnivongsa
21:11 28 Jan 22
I consulted with multiple criminal defense lawyers but once I spoke to to Ernest Lee, I knew he was going to be the lawyer we move forward with. He was honest, helpful, and responsive. This man cares about his potential clients and current clients. He constantly worked hard on our case and constantly reached out to us with updates. He knows exactly what he’s doing. Most passionate, dedicated, efficient and professional person you will ever meet. Choosing him to handle our case was one of the most best decisions we have ever made! Have one conversation with this man and I promise you, you will understand my more
Jose Luis Cervantes
17:30 19 Dec 21
Well I spoke with mr Lee on the phone and he was super helpful and made my situation alot simpler than I thought it would be so thank you and God bless youread more
Baely Langston
02:58 03 Nov 21
Great experience. Everything I needed handled was handled in a timely matter and very personable and professional!
17:54 23 Oct 21
Ernest Lee and the firm have represented myself and family very professionally. They got us the best judgements in each case and even restored our rights. Also, cleared our offenses from past history. I recommend them more
Mario Almaguer
17:14 26 Aug 21
Mr Ernest Lee took great care of my case.He is very professional and he is a great human being.He really demonstrated me that he really care for his clients.I am very satisfied with his service.Thank Mr LeeMario more
Jazmin S
01:30 08 Jul 21
I 100% most definitely recommend Mr. Ernest Lee's services. He and his staff were immensely helpful, I couldn't be where I am today without them! If you're looking for an attorney to beat your DUI or cases similar, Ernest is the man! Very supportive, professional, and more
Ryan Green
02:48 30 Jun 21
Ernest Lee was very professional. Communication between him and I was great. Appreciate your services and would recommend him to anyone in need of a great more
Damon Leggett
18:34 14 Jun 21
Lee law group was amazing. They was able to get my DV case thrown out. They always kept me informed on what was going on and things i should do. If you need A great law firm i HIGHLY Recommend Lee law group amazing!read more
Kristi Tenney
19:24 02 Jun 21
I am Kristi R Tenney,The Lee Law Group has been very respectful and professional. Never once talked down to me.Ernest Lee Is honest and fair. He's easy to get ahold of in your time of need and answers every question you ask.Now as far as what my case was, Ernest Lee got my first offense DUI down to a wet reckless and that made a huge difference in the way I was charged in the court system and the DMV.Hiring the Lee Law group in my case benefited me greatly.Thanks to Ernest Lee I do not have a DUI on my more
Cesar Gonzalez
22:38 07 May 21
Thank you to Lee Law Group for helping me out with a legal matter! Very prompt and honest it was a pleasure having Ernest and Natalie as my attorneys they handled everything so smoothly for me. I recommend this firm to anyone who is looking for attorneys that listen and handle your situation with honesty and more
Jonathan Paez
14:28 24 Apr 21
Ernest Lee is an excellent attorney.I had never had any legal issues aside from traffic tickets. However, when I faced serious legal problems, I quickly learned TWO things: 1) Don't talk to the police 2) Call the Ernest Lee Law Group. Attorney Lee took charge of my legal case and swiftly handled the detectives that were harassing me. In the end, he managed to get my case closed, and I was able to resume my life back to more
Raul Morales
20:09 13 Apr 21
Mr Lee was an amazing attorney! He was very responsive over the phone and email. He was a very kind individual who always had an open ear. He'll make you feel that everything is okay which it will with Mr more
Jose parra
21:12 12 Mar 21
I appreciate for the work that he has for usando the referral that I gave to him. He is definitely a great and caring attorney. I would recommend Ernest Lee to anyone needing a criminal defense lawyer or any other case he is a great attorney, he will be with you every step of the way and make sure that you feel more
Chance Terrell
02:09 12 Mar 21
When I needed a lawyer a went around calling for help and many just threw a price and didn’t even really care about my situation, but when I got ahold of Ernest not only did he beat their prices he treated me like family. I don’t even think about the money anymore because it was an investment for my future that I couldn’t be happier that I made. At times I would slack and he could’ve did the bare minimum and collected a check, instead he pushed me to help myself and told me every option I could take and how each option would play out after I did it and how it would play years down the road. If I had a question not only did he give me an answer he explained it to me so I could understand so I could confidently make my decision. I would hands down refer Lee Law Group to anyone because they care about the people!!read more
Corey Carter
18:24 22 Feb 21
This was my very first time needing services of a lawyer. I was unsure where to begin but was referred to Lee Law Group so I trusted my referral. It was the best experience and outcome one could ask for. Mr. Lee gives you very specific instructions to follow and as long as you follow them, he will be able to do his job as promised and get you the best outcome. I would recommend him to anyone. He responds pretty quick to emails and answers any questions you have, not to mention his services are very affordable and he works with you if you can't pay all at once. I would definitely use him again if more
Fernando Verjan
05:48 02 Feb 21
Attorney Ernest Lee & ms Natalie brown are very professional they made an agreement with the prosecutor and got my case completely dismissed I couldn’t do it with out them I would give then twenty more stars if I couldread more
Paulina Coronado
21:41 25 Jan 21
Lee Law Group of San Diego provided me with excellent service and professionalism! I am very appreciative of their work and efforts and recommend this group and Ernest Lee for your future endeavors! Ernest was very hands on with my case and saw it all the way through. He never missed a deadline, was always in contact with me about the projects, and checked in on me to make sure everything was going smoothly! Thanks to his hard work and effort my case was successful. Without his excellent help this would have been a much tougher and scarier process for more
Antone Rose
07:36 02 Jan 21
I utilized the services of the Lee Law Group in early December 2020.Natalie Brown was there for me.She is not only a extremely optimistic experienced professional, perhaps the most valuable part of her services was her communication.Let me explain, originally I was with a firm that was charging me a great deal of money. I was okay with paying at first because I was "vulnerable", I was potentially paying for the comfort of knowing a "professional" was helping me.That other law firm, had a premier office, a bunch of sales folks and was really only interested in getting the retainer fee. I signed with them on Friday afternoon. I called them the following Monday afternoon, after being told I would be called on Monday morning, asking when I could speak to a lawyer because, in my case I needed to act quickly in order to avoid charges being filed. Unfortunately, I was informed that I wasn't the only case and that I needed to be patient, and I could speak to their attorney randomly assigned to me Tuesday at noon. I terminated their contract. (For what it's worth, that attorney called me 2 hours late on Tuesday and didn't even know I had canceled their services)Then Natalie entered my life.Prior to even talking about money and five minutes after we spoke she had already contacted the city attorney and determined that charges had not been filed. This was good, and more than that other firm had done in a day and a half.When she spoke to me she was knowledgeable, calm and reassuring because I felt I didn't have to prove my innocence with her.After agreeing to work with the Lee Law Group she immediately contacted the city attorney again, and negotiated a date where he would determine if he would file charges against me.Natalie was extremely dedicated and moved as fast as I wanted (sometimes I had to keep up) in order to get our packet in to the attorney early. Her commitment to saving my life was extraordinary, she immediately read all my emails / and texts and would challenge me to provide more and more information. Immediately I realized I was working with someone who was a master of her craft.Within an hour each time I sent a few page narrative she not only read it but provided valuable guidance which enabled me to deliver a better to her for my defense.Basically I believe that good lawyers know the law, but great lawyers areTHERE for YOU. Being radically transparent and always available even if it is to answer the dozens of "what if" questions, which is invaluable when you're going through this.Along the way, Mr. Lee was also very involved on my case and frequently called me.I cannot say enough about how fair, knowledgeable and committed these professionals are.Oh, the results? The City Attorney decided to not file any charges against me.Once again,Huge Thanks to Natalie and Mr. Leeread more
Diana Cabrales
05:26 29 Dec 20
My brother was arrested for meth possession and intent to sell and being the first time that something like this happened in our family we were unaware of how the whole attorney process went. As soon as i talked to Mr. Ernest Lee for the initial consultation, I knew we were in the right hands, he made sure to explain everything thoroughly and made us feel at ease with my brothers situation. My brother ended up doing six months in jail and 2 years of probation, even when there was a chance that he was looking at 7 years of jail time. We are extremely grateful for the services of the Lee Law group, for their affordable payment plan and their dedication to help their customers, if i could give 10 stars i would!read more
Layla Fang
21:30 02 Dec 20
Ernest is amazing! When was looking for a lawyer to represent me for my DUI I came across a lot of them but because of Ernest personally reaching out to me and knowing my story I got the feeling that I could trust this person 100% with my case. He has been very helpful with getting a good deal for my case and being there with me for the past couple years through all the ups and downs with COVID happening and everything. I trust him 110% and you should to! He is a great lawyer and if I ever have anything else in the future I will for sure to go back to him! Thank you for everything Ernest!read more
Jeffrey Galat
09:13 25 Nov 20
Ernest is personable, honest, and quick to help you with your needs. I broke down my situation and he was immediately able to provide guidance and services. I don’t know what I would have done if I hadn’t found his firm. Truly a man of his more
Andrew Basa
03:20 17 Nov 20
Attorney Ernest Lee has provided legal services for me in a very professional and supportive manner. Mr. Lee and his staff are very kind, understanding and honest. They go above and beyond and will represent your case from beginning to end. Thank you very much Mr. Lee and associates for your commitment and relentless efforts ensuring my case is a more
Mary Goode
00:18 11 Nov 20
Everyone I worked with was extremely supportive. I never thought I’d need a lawyer but I’m glad I found them. As soon as I explained my situation they told me exactly what I would need to expect in the next couple of weeks. They walked me through everything step by step. I couldn’t ask for more friendly more
Meaza Bulbula
23:14 29 Sep 20
Posted by Meaza September 27, 2020Mr.Lee is the best lowyer. I was so fortunate to find him to represent my case and have him as my lowyer. He is very understanding,Compassionate and kind. He knows his job well. He keeps is promises and always they to talk. He always make him self available in time of needs. I highly recommended Mr. Lee for some one who needs a lowyer.Meazaread more
Alex Morales
00:32 01 Sep 20
I’m amazed that my lifetime dui’s (which I won’t mention the number) Attorney lee and Natalie Brown were able to get me house arrest and I was able to avoid no jail time. I can promise you that if you need an attorney. Attorney lee law group is by far the best out there. He was able to work with me on payments and if you need help and need to make payments. Just keep your end of the deal because attorney lee keeps his end of the deal. Actually, he goes beyond his deal to help. I’m very thankful. So thankful I can still have another chance 🙏read more
Alex Soto
13:25 31 Jul 20
The lee law group was very helpful Mr. Lee really believes in his clients and will go above and beyond in your situation. Thank you Lee Law Group!read more
Kevin Pollock
02:29 24 Jul 20
Ernest is amazing! Very professional from the start and was very personable. If you want a Lawyer to care about you, Ernest is the right person for you!read more
Daniel Gonzalez
00:50 10 Jul 20
Ernest Lee has the best legal service I have retained. He will do what it takes to help your situation. He is a high level attorney and I will not hesitate to hire him again for any legal help I may need in the future. Hands down the best legal service! Case Dismissed!read more
Marcus Bradley
14:14 10 Jun 20
Lee Law Group is a fine group of professionals, and a great place for anyone who is looking for local legal counsel. Highly more
17:41 29 May 20
I am so thankful I chose Ernest to represent me for my DV case. He is reasonable with his prices and will work around with you. As soon as I hired him, he took immediate charge. He responded back to every call and he kept me on top of the communications he had. The case got dismissed even before going to court! I am very Happy with my result and how he showed me that he truly cared about my more
21:24 19 Mar 20
Ernest and Natalie by far the best Lawyers in San Diego. Highly Recommend 👍
Mari Rosales
21:59 01 Dec 19
Mr. Lee is excelent in his job. He is a friendly and honest man. He will let you know right away if he can help you or not and doesn't take your money with false hopes. I recommend him for any misdemeanor/criminal case you may have. He cares a lot about his clients. Mr. Lee kept me informed about all the procedures of my case and kept me updated on everything. I felt really secure knowing that a person like him would represent me in more
Dominique Morris
01:53 08 Oct 19
Mr. Lee and his firm really came through for me in my time of need and helped me get through with the best possible outcome. For them i’m very appreciative and i do suggest them for and everyone. Thanks again Mr. Leeread more
Kevin K
14:53 04 Oct 19
Highly recommend Mr Lee and his team. I had a criminal case in California, but lived in another state. Mr Lee was excellent at communicating and explaining the status of the case. While handling the case he was very professional. I am relieved that he has good rapport with the relative parties. I am very happy with the results, the best part is no more
Chris Dreher
23:06 15 Sep 19
Mr. Lee handled my case with expertise and professionalism, he kept me informed during every phase of the proceedings. He was able to have my case outright dismissed. I am extremely fortunate that I picked Mr. Lee to represent me and would actively recommend anyone else to do the same Military or more
Theo Sulton
14:26 17 Jun 19
My son was mistakenly identified as a suspect in a crime. I called this firm and they got him out and free in 2 days. Impressive. Thank you Atty. Ernest more
Nicole Mayer
22:44 12 Jun 19
I had never been in any kind of trouble and had no idea what the outcome of my future was going to be when I encountered a felony charge after a driving incident. I was very skeptical who to trust with such intense charges but Ernest was determined to keep my mind at ease by working diligently on my case. He was able to reduce my felony to a misdemeanor after several months of hard work. He even was able to get Scram removed! He was compassionate and patient with me at times when I needed his mentoring. I will always be grateful to him for taking care of my case and highly recommend him for your legal more
16:09 13 May 19
Mr. Lee has represented me on two occasions. For my first case, it was an outright dismissal and for my second, I believe I was able to get the best possible outcome given the circumstances of my 2nd DUI. He is honest and extremely knowledgeable regarding DUI law here in California. I would not think twice about recommending The Lee Law Group to anyone with DUI troubles here in San more
Shawn Assef
02:47 10 May 19
Attorney Lee was able to get me results above&beyond my expectations.he is highly motivated& dedicated..... awesome attorneyread more
trevor link
22:17 07 May 19
Amazing service at an even better price. Mr. Lee is very experienced and helped me throughout my process. His honest and truly cares about his clients. 10/10 recommend!!!!read more
Ryan Matlock
21:06 27 Apr 19
Ernest Lee is the best guy to help you if you find yourself in a tricky legal situation. Since the first time I spoke to him he was up front and honest about the outcome he was hoping for and all the steps he would take to make sure we got there. I never had to reach out to him with questions because he would always be the one to call and explain everything before any questions could come to mind! When everything was done he was able to work out a deal that was even better than the one we originally planned for and I could not be more happy to be represented by him. I would recommend him to anyone looking for legal advice because he is an expert at what he does and runs a strong team!read more
Brenda Martin
17:11 24 Apr 19
Like many others in the reviews, I was dealing with a DUI case. My daughter made a few bad decisions, but luckily no one was hurt and her vehicle was the only one damaged. Lee Law Group took care of all the headaches and got her a great deal all things considered. She did everything she was told to do and things worked out in her favor. Listen to your lawyer!!read more
Bruce Bowman
22:56 09 Apr 19
I have not needed criminal defense before. I am a retired professional and can not really afford to have a criminal charge on my record. Mr. Lee is as-advertised: a gung-ho, take-no-prisoners advocate on your behalf. Talk about going the extra mile. This man has constantly amazed me in terms of his price and the services rendered for the price. He had my charges reduced, jail time waived without having to go to trial. Mr. Lee is an excellent communicator, very knowledgeable, and very aggressive--on your behalf. While I did not enjoy participating in the criminal process, I did receive the best outcome possible in my situation. I highly recommend Mr lee. Mr. Lee is a genuine, stand-up gentleman who goes the extra mile for his more
Sean Prigge
14:38 30 Nov 18
Absolute professionalism. Helped me out in a pinch and was pleasant thru the whole ordeal. I would highly recommend using his firm. I can’t say enough about how satisfied I am with his help. Thank you Leeread more
Edwin Barrientis
04:36 26 Oct 18
Mr. Lee is a man of his word. I cant Express how excited I am. He went and did what many other Lawyers said they couldn't do or were over charging to do. At one point I was being charged $5000 to just reduce 2 felonies to misdemeanor and if I wanted to expunge them I would have to wait and pay an extra 1000 for each and that's if they were successful.  Mr Lee gave me a great deal and I didn't have to go to court. I had given up hope on the court system for two DUIs which I did a year in custody. I was in the military and a combat veteran with PTSD. I used alcohol as a clutch and well a hell broke loose when someone else hit me and I was under the influence.  I blew .09 and it was a felony DUI because of a sprained ankle on the other person. None the less I did 2 weeks for that and a year and a half later after another hard deployment defending our country I got pulled over and was under the influence.  That got me a year in custody, lost my career in the military and I had a bad record. Mr Lee went above and beyond and fought in two court houses for me and got my record expunged.  I highly recommend him as your lawyer. He will go over everything you need to know. Mr Lee also responds to all your calls and messages. He updated me on everything that was going on and reassured me that everything was going to work out. Thank you Mr Lee for everything.  I greatly appreciate you for what you have done for me. The last 10 years have been hard getting good jobs and now I'm able to go to school and start a better life. Highly recommend!!!!read more
g a
20:25 24 Oct 18
From the start, Mr Lee has made this process as pleasant as it could be. He is very affordable considering all the other fines and fees that have to be paid. He communicated very well and made sure I understood everything that was happening. He is extremely professional but yet very understanding and compassionate at the same time. I HIGHLY recommend Lee Law Group!read more
Tatianna Kelly
03:04 08 Aug 18
Ernest Lee was an amazing attorney this was my second DUI, he set up a great payment plan and he worked very hard to get me the best plea deal. He was very professional, communicated perfectly and made sure everything was easy to read and understand. My finances became pretty rocky, but he was understanding and kind about it. I'm very thankful that I chose Ernest Lee to represent more
Antonio Arzate
20:06 04 Aug 18
Ernest Lee was the best choice, I could have made to represent me.Was scared and confused; the situation I found myself in was a difficult one. Was unsureWhich lawyer firm I would chose for my case, having interviewed several lawyers before talking to Ernest .After a quick meeting with Ernest; the confusion was lay to restHe explained everything in a language I could understand, and took the time to go over my concerns.Walked out of his officce, feeling a hole lot better about my chances than when I walked in.Ernest stood on top of things; had me informed with daily updates of my case.The results were the best we could have hoped for; just the way Ernest had explained It could beI give Ernest a 6th start; since I did not have to go broke in the process.It turns out that in addition of been the best; as far as I’m concerned. The fees were reasoble, also offered a payment plan, in the event my case would turn in to a long process.Talk about a WIN-WIN!!! Thank you, Ernest you’re THE MAN!read more
Ready Cash
20:23 02 May 18
Attorney Lee is the best. My dad was being charged with a felony DUI, I did my research for two weeks looking for a lawyer, none gave me any answers I wanted to hear and none I could afford. Finally found Ernest and I couldn't be happier. The first time talking to him gave me so much relief regarding my dad's case. None of the other lawyers seemed to belief my dad could beat any of his charges without going to prison. Since day one Ernest made me belief everything would be alright, and it has been, he has been there every step of the way and done everything possible to help my family. Hands down would recommend him to anyone needing help with any sort of DUI more
Nick Hall
15:49 10 Mar 18
Mr. Lee was able to prevent career ending charges from ever being filed. Kept me informed and updated constantly, unprompted. Was compassionate to my panic. Worth every penny. Saved my more
Nicholas Stenta
01:17 02 Jan 18
Attorney Lee was very forthcoming when I went to meet with him, and the office environment was professional and clean. He was kind enough to work out a payment plan for me and help me through the process of pushing my court dates out since I live in Virginia, and because of him I was able to get an arraignment pushed out by about a month. Additionally, Attorney Lee was able to work out a plea agreement with the prosecutor to reduce a felony and three misdemeanors, to just one misdemeanor vandalism charge. Paid a fine, and did online anger management.I never had a problem with him getting back to me when I was communicating with him, and I feel that this experience, as terrible as the circumstances that put me in this situation, was made much easier on me due to the great representation of Attorney more
Ruth Martinez
06:35 09 Dec 17
Best lawyer ever. You can count on Ernest to be totally honest and give you the best possible legal advice. He is a total pro and I would recommend him to more
Kent Smith
12:06 05 Dec 17
LEE LAW group took the up most care with my DV case that I was going to be charged with DV and he got out in front of the problem early. He did NOT tell me lies he told me what he may be able to do and did so much more!!!! I can't thank them enough for that. The fee was very low and he worked with me as far as the payment goes I highly recommend themread more
Melanie Menin
00:18 23 Aug 17
I am so happy I found Ernest to be my lawyer. I was convinced that I didn't need one for my case but after talking to him I realized that I would have been going into court blind. His confidence made me believe he new exactly what he's doing, and after court, sure enough he did. It was 100% worth every penny to hire him. And not only did he do, what on paper is his job but he went above and beyond to help me with anything extra that I needed. Made my life a lot easier throughout this whole process!read more
Emily Chau
21:58 21 Jul 17
Ernest is honestly the best lawyers I have ever had. This was my second DUI and my first lawyer wasn't very helpful like Ernest. He just did everything himself without informing me on anything. Ernest; however, would always contact me when there was an update and would tell me to do certain things just to make my charge less. He would constantly check up on me and my progress. He made sure that he could get the best sentence for me and tried his hardest to get my sentence to work with my work schedule to make sure I don't lose my job. I highly recommend any who needs a lawyer to please contact Lee Law Group. They help you out so much! They even took the time to summarize my judgement minute order (which is really confusing to read) in an organized word doc with all the dates I need to complete my items highlighted. Truly amazing! Thank you so much!!!read more
Owen Westman
03:19 21 Jul 17
Ernest used his contacts and skills to get me out of a fairly sticky situation. He was always available to answer my questions and took care of my legal issues without me having to lift a finger. Well worth his more
Itzel Cante
13:53 12 Jul 17
I give a 5 star because he did such a great job, help me out till the case was close Very helpful never give up and it is true he knows the law!read more
Mathew Martensen
16:52 19 Apr 17
Me. Lee was amazing! I needed some help and he jumped right in. I called for help and he starting making calls immediately just off a phone call. He has years of experience and was very knowledgeable. He was able to get me a deal on a 2 count felony charge of domestic violence down to no DV no weapons probation pleas which allowed me to keep my job. I would recommend his services to anyone who is in need! He was understanding of the situation and had no judgment he just genuinely wanted to more
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