13 October 2023 |

In Matter of Paen: 

In Matter of Paen:   No Court Case # because we prevented court action: Investigation for prosecution by SDPD (San Diego Police Dept.)  and CPS (Child Protective Services, now Child Welfare Services) for child sexual abuse of a child for years against step-daughter. He had resided with her since she was 7-8 years old after he married her mother.  Later he got her pregnant, and they had a child together. Alleged victim is now 23 years old and has moved away from client, who is still with client’s mother. She reported abuse to CWS. Disposition: No Charges! We were able to prevent prosecution after analyzing the claims of the youth and then developing a strategic defense, advice to client, and some discussion with law enforcement and through them, CWS, who will not speak to attorneys. Client has NO requirements.

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