13 October 2023 |

Matter of M. S.

Matter of M. S. No Court Case #. We prevented It getting to court, i.e., past investigative stage. District Attorney # not issued: This was an investigation for prosecution by SDPD (San Diego Police Dept.)  and CPS (Child Protective Services, now Child Welfare Services) for child sexual abuse of a step daughter  years ago when child was 4-6 years old. She is now 15 years old.  He allegedly molested her when he took her to school and they would park where he would make her “feel him”. He resided with her and her mother but is not married to her, who still believes in him mother.  The 15 year old reported abuse to CWS. Disposition: No Charges! We were able to prevent prosecution after analyzing the claims of the youth and then developing a strategic defense, advice to client, and some discussion with law enforcement and through them, CWS, who will not speak to attorneys.  Alleged Child alleged victim now resides with her father, who has a second wife and children. Client had to move away from mother’s home in spite of their having two children together so daughter can feel comfortable visiting her mom or maybe return home. We were able to maintain client’s ability to visit Mother because of their joint children.

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