13 October 2023 |

People v. J.A. Case # CD278829:

People v. J.A. Case # CD278829: this 17 year old boy was being prosecuted for (1) Felony Vandalism, i.e., maliciously destroys  any real or personal property not his or her own, (Ca Penal Code sec. PC 594 (a)(b)(1)) and (2) Felony Robbery, intentionally and forcefully taking property not his own with intent f keeping it forever, (Ca Penal Code sec. PC 211). His father, an employee of the San Diego City Attorney criminal division works in the court as a clerical supervisor for clerical staff of the City Attorneys (misdemeanor prosecutors). He was i the court building with we attorneys 3-4 times a week, every week. He knows of all well known criminal defense attorneys. He knew me enough to speak to.  But, he needed an attorney for his 17 year old only son, his pride and joy, he chose me, Ernest Lee Sr. I delivered:          Disposition: Case dismissed by court after extensive litigation, motions, argument and trial prep. This young many is now in college!

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