13 October 2023 |

People v. K. K. Case # CE380698: (1) In 2018:

People v. K. K. Case # CE380698: (1) In 2018: , Charged with 7th lifetime DUI as felony, Sentenced to custody on the last 2 DUIs, 6 mth & 16 months respectively. This eans each subsequent DUI get MORE time in custody.  Disposition: Plea Done, but we reversed the course!  Result Plead to DUI, No Custody probation, Can get license back after 3 yr suspension. Can obtain RDL in 6 mths. (Usually is a min. of 2 years. Initial offer was 4 years and lifetime DL suspension) (2) In 2020-21: Client violated Probation… was able to keep client out of custody after a short stay in incarceration.

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