13 October 2023 |

People v. M.W. Case #s CD282794 & C405291:

People v. M.W. Case #s CD282794 & C405291:  Prosecuted for (1) Carrying a Concealed Weapon, (Ca Penal Code sec. 25400(a) (2) (Fel); (2) Receiving Large Capacity Firearms Magazine, (Penal Code sec. 32310(a)) ((Fel); (3) Unregistered Owner Carrying Loaded Firearm in Vehicle, Penal Code sec. 25850(c )(6) (Fel); (4) Driver of Vehicle Carrying / allowing others to carry, Firearm in Vehicle, (Penal Code ses. 26100) 2 Possession of FA .  (5) Later arrested for Felony Evading Law Enforcement, (Penal Code sec. 2800.2) and (6)on a later date for misdemeanor Vandalism (Ca Penal Code sec. 594(a)(b)(2) & (7) drug possession, (Ca Health & Safety Code sec. 11377(a)  Disposition:  We got prosecution (SD Co. District Attorney) to agree to run all cases together and grant only 2 years probation, NO JAIL time!

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