13 October 2023 |

People v. R.W. Case # CE388378: Incident 1:

People v. R.W. Case # CE388378: Incident 1: (1) Felony Willful Cruelty to Child,  (2 Counts), (Penal Code sec  273a (b);  Incident 2:  (1) Felony Vandalism over $400 (Penal Code sec  594(a) (b)(1); (2) Misdemeanor Battery (Penal Code sec  242, misdemeanor);Incident 3: (1) Felony Robbery 2nd Degree (2 Counts) (PC 211) (F); (2) Force/Assault Deadly Weapon other than Firearm-(a vehicle) with Great Bodily Injury (2 Counts), (Penal Code sec. 245 (a) (1)) Disposition: a felony use of auto as deadly weapon. Client rammed into another person breaking bones. Prosecutors initially wanted to charge attempted Murder. We were able to avoid these charges, and work a plea for only 5 years, with good time he will be out in around 4 years, probably less with prison programs he can use. Also. no driver’s license suspension!! Good job. a guys life can be picked back up after 3-4 years instead on 20 years.

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