13 October 2023 |

The Matter of A. R.,

The Matter of A. R., No Court Case # because we prevented court action (No charges filed):  a 21 year old college student was accused with felony fraud-embezzlement by her employer because she completed employment time sheets denoting she was working at a 3rd party job site when she allegedly was not in fact working there. This fraud-embezzlement subjected employer to a loss of over $5000.00 in wages that were paid to my client.  This particular job site’s work subsidized by San Diego County so fraud reached county government also. Disposition: No Charges! I negotiated with Employer and through them the San Diego County to prevent prosecution. Client must merely apologize to 3rd party and employer and pay back money. Client can continue her education and get financial aid where as if charged both her education and aid to pay for it would have been suspect, not to mention she may have done time in jail and, or been subjected to felony probation.

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